Toslimur Rahman-min

Md.Taslimur Rahman

Head of Corporate Business, Transcom Group

Strategic, well-connected corporate head of sales with 20+ years’ experience in strategic transitions, corporate sales strategy, sales development, alliance management, and proper channel strategy. A results-oriented executive with a strong background in telecom and electronic sales management, having closed and managed over BDT +400 Million in sales just last year. Recognized for collaborative leadership style, proactive, approach, and keen ability to effectively translate complex operational concepts into tangible action plans. A proven leader with a strong executive presence, capable of blending big-picture viewpoints with tactical considerations to inspire, build trust, and achieve record growth.

Project owner of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) 2011-12
Project coordinator of Mobile banking 2011
Project member of Corporate Messaging Platform 2009
Project member of Aktel To Robi transformation 2009
Project member of corporate branding/ ROBI’s udoy rebranding 2011
Project initiator of corporate Value-added Services (VAS) 2008
Project manager of telemarketing team 2008
Develop corporate relationship management (CRM) 2008
Promotional journey countrywide 2007
Arranged 30 Signing ceremony with Large corporate 2003

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