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Md. Abdullah Al Mahmud

Md. Abdullah Al Mahmud is the Founder and CEO of the Thriving Skills Limited, a skills-focused self-education platform in Bangladesh. Currently, he is developing a digital L&D industry highlighting the demand for the fourth industrial revolution. He also served as Assistant Professor of MIS at the Manarat International University, Dhaka. He led as Coordinator of the MBA Program, Department of Business Administration, MIU. Mr. Mahmud completed BBA and MBA degrees from the University of Dhaka. He is skilled in Analytical Skills, Lecturing, Decision-Making, Instructional Design, Data Science, Blockchain Technology, Digital Marketing, and Public Speaking. Mr. Mahmud received numerous professional certifications from IBM, Google, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and many more. Mr. Mahmud launched a digital promotional platform for MIU and played a vital role in bringing ERP in the organization. Mr. Mahmud has exposed his leadership capacity by organizing Seminars and Leadership Development Program. He has introduced and organized the university’s first talent search competition “Scholar of MIU” and first presentation competition MIU Master Presenter. His recent research activities include Business Professionals’ Digital Competency in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era, Digital Competency focused higher education for achieving SDG, Effects of Handheld devices on millennials reading habit, Challenges to implement Information Systems in the Business Organization, Perceptions of Blockchain Technology by Banking Professionals, Skills-focused self-education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era, and many others. Mr. Mahmud served as a Humanitarian in Global Goodwill Ambassador. Various National & International Universities and Conference Authorities invited him to be Keynote speaker and session chair of Conferences. Mr. Mahmud demonstrated his research contribution in distinguished National Conferences in divergent Universities; and International Conferences in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia and, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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