Performance Support

We understand that sometimes bite-sized, just-in time eLearning is just what your learners’ need. Based on your requirements we offer solutions. Our content development services give your business the competitive edge.

Get Simplified Access

Provide your employees with a role-specific learning plan that includes self-paced courses, instructor-led events and tests. Set delays on the learning steps to automatically unlock new content as the previous content is completed, or use timed delays to trickle content out over time. Learners can self-enroll in training from their custom course and event catalogs that present appropriate content based on job role or group assignment.

Capability Building

We offer a range of consultancy and training services to help support your staff deliver your eLearning strategy. Our experienced team is skilled in consulting and training on all aspects of effective eLearning rollout. We can advise you about planning, developing and delivering successful eLearning projects. Let us enable you to achieve great things with eLearning.

Design & Development

Whether you are starting from scratch or transforming existing content into eLearning, our team will work with you to create the perfect content for your needs. Our eLearning specialists write and develop eLearning content on a wide range of subjects from education, information technology, economics & finance, management to health & safety. We focus on the learner experience to ensure your content is relevant, intuitive and engaging. We work with your subjectmatter experts to capture their knowledge and design a new eLearning course from the ground up. Projects may include needs analysis, knowledge capture, instructional design and storyboarding, multimedia content production, and technical consulting.

Instructor-led Training

Our team works with you to analyze your learners’ requirements, their level of understanding, competencies at stake, the nature and location of the audience, and the resources available. This combined with our expertise in developing Custom eLearning and multi-device solutions allows us to create the right content for Instructor-led training that can enhance the overall training process.

Multi-device/ Responsive eLearning

Be it laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other device in the mix, we create single source responsive solutions that can run seamlessly on all devices or create custom multi-device solutions for specific target devices. We offer a wide range of multi-device/responsive eLearning Solutions that are tailor–made for your organizations using the latest design approaches and development technologies.

Craft Learning Plans Based on Role & Region

Build comprehensive training programs, targeted by job role & region that deliver learning challenges to your employees steadily over time. Thriving Skills Learning are a quick, strategic way to assign users the exact learning materials necessary for their job, next promotion or to gain additional knowledge or skills. Thriving Skills can incorporate courses, online events and other learning opportunities scheduled to drop strategically as employees’ progress.