Yousuf Sultan

Yousuf Sultan is a seasoned professional in Islamic finance with a strong background in Shariah and technology. As a CSAA from AAOIFI in Bahrain, MSc in Islamic Finance from INCEIF Malaysia, and Mufti in Shari’ah, Yousuf offers a unique skill set. In addition, he’s a Registered Shariah Adviser with the Securities Commission of Malaysia and CIFE from Ethica in Dubai. As the Founder and CEO of Adl Advisory in Malaysia, Yousuf provides Shariah advisory, consultancy, and training services. He also co-founded IFA Consultancy in Bangladesh, promoting Islamic finance through training, workshops, seminars, and consultancy. Yousuf is experienced in teaching, training, and advising on Shariah and Islamic finance, focusing on Islamic Fintech. Yousuf is a sought-after speaker and Shariah adviser in Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, UAE, and Bangladesh. He’s an active member of two Working Groups at AAOIFI and holds professional memberships with ASAS and CIIF. He’s also a respected member of several Shariah committees, including Standard Chartered Saadiq Malaysia and IDLC Shariah Mutual Fund Bangladesh.

Yousuf has been invited to speak at high-profile events organized by institutions and universities such as the Central Bank of Malaysia, Securities Commission of Malaysia, AAOIFI, INCEIF, World Bank, Cagamas, ISRA, ASAS, MATA, Bangsamoro Government, and Nadil Iqtisad Kuwait. He’s a recipient of the BAFF 2023 Award for contributing to Bangladesh’s Islamic Finance industry. Yousuf has published several research reports on Islamic finance, including the highly-regarded “Responsible Finance – Ethical and Islamic Finance: Meeting the Global Agenda”, co-authored with Tan Sri Dr. Zeti, former Governor of the Central Bank of Malaysia.


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